Celebrating HER

Eva Von Jagow: Founder of DueNORTH

I am especially excited about this feature of Celebrating HER because I personally know the rock star whose interview you'll read below. Let me just say that Eva is the type of person who you immediately know will amount to great things from the moment you meet her. I met Eva in high-school and although our paths went separate ways during university, I have followed this lady's adventures and (many!) accomplishments on social media. Eva is a social entrepreneur. At the young age of 21, Eva has organized, created, and managed a venture to make social change. This year, Eva was named...

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Gaby Bayona: Founder of Truvelle & Laudae

Not many people know this, but before I started Parcelly, I had big dreams of becoming a wedding planner. Mind you, this was coincidentally at the same time that I discovered Pinterest, saw millions of wedding ideas, and become fascinated by all things wedding-related. Ironically, I have only attended 3 weddings in my entire life, however, my friends can vouch for me, I have mine pretty much planned. I first came across Truvelle on Etsy by accident and I immediately fell in love with the designs. It was so hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that the...

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Hana Engel: Founder of ModernBody

Hana Engel

I first heard about Hana from a university friend of mine a few years ago. His eyes lit up as he told me that a friend of his, close to us in age (early 20's), had opened up her own yoga studio in Ottawa - one he was frequenting regularly with his family. Trendy and equipped with a modern juice bar, I remember being incredibly impressed with ModernBody's branding and vision... and, of course, Hana's young age.When I got the idea for "Celebrating HER", I immediately thought of Hana and ModernBody - a hot yoga studio and home-away-from-home to some...

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Introducing Celebrating HER

We are delighted to introduce a brand new initiative launching on our website THIS WEEK. "Celebrating HER" is a monthly blog featuring Hard-working Entrepreneurial Resilient ladies who have created their own business empires from scratch using their ambition, dedication, creativity, and vision to reach the top. Posted on the 3rd Hump Day of each month, "Celebrating HER" is a chance to learn about someone's entrepreneurial journey, the ups and downs of building a brand, ways to stay motivated, etc.  Stay tuned for our first ever post this Wednesday, September 20th! #CelebratingHER Psst... Feeling inspired by an entrepreneurial friend? Send us a message - we are...

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