Why We're Ditching the Lame Mother's Day Gifts this Year

mother's day

If you're reading this blog post right now, we're assuming you're 99% fabulous and 1% procrastinator. In our books, this means that (because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) your mom is a pretty remarkable human being, too.
For this reason, this year we're ditching the lame-o Mother's Day gifts (read: cliché) and introduced the Mother's Day Parcelly made up of punny, unique items that she's bound to love and use right away (not store in a faraway closet and accidentally stumble upon 10 years later).
Whoever decided that the classic chocolate and flowers combo was the go-to gift for 99% of holidays was just lazy and we are calling them out in this post (sorry, not sorry). Don't fall for their trap. Dare to be creative, surprising and deliver a gift she won't expect! Sure, your mama is a lovely lady and she'll be happy to receive any gift from her blessing of a child - but she deserves so much more than just a boring repeat gift this year, don't you think!?
Basically, if you think your mom is a) the bomb.com b) totes fancy c) deserves a treat d) is greater than life itself? HELLO, MOTHER'S DAY PARCELLY.
Questions? Comments? We're waiting to hear from you in the comments section. ♥

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