Mini Summer Cellys

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If you’re anything like us, you look forward to the summer season all year long - only to be swamped by work, and various unplanned activities when it actually comes. At the end of the summer you go  “What? That’s it?”  We know the feeling. It shouldn’t be that way!  It’s important to keep in mind that summer isn’t here to stay for long (unfortunately!) so enjoying the sun and warmth while you can is a MEGA PRIORITY.

We put together a list of activities that we encourage e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e to try this summer! Trust us, when you look back at your summer days, you’ll smile and thank yourself for giving yourself a few days to pamper, treat yourself, and enjoy your summer's mini cellys.

Mini Celly #1: A 1-Day Cottage Getaway 

One day of your summer should totes be spent relaxing by the water, getting your tan on, and enjoying some summer drinks.

Mini Celly #2: Patio Drinks + Gourmet Pizza 

Nothing screams summer more than splitting a pitcher of sangria with your girlfriends on the patio of your favourite restaurant. For us, it’s always a gourmet pizza shop!

 Mini Celly #3: Stargazing + Blankets + Gossip 

Round up your best gals and throw a blanket celly under the stars! Catch up, chit chat about latest episode of Bachelorette, whatever you want. Laughs with besties are a prime summer treat if you ask us! Don't forget to stock up on bug spray and citronella candles. Not only will you set the mood, you’ll keep the pesky mosquitos out of the way and off your summer bods!

Mini Celly #4: Outdoor Concert Mini-Celly

Nothing beats listening to your favourite band rock out under the sun! You have an excuse to wear your cutest shorts and tank and get a rockin’ tan! That’s the kinda multitasking we love.

Mini Celly #5: Hiking Adventure Mini-Celly

Put yo sneakers on, grab your water bottle and head to your local hiking zone with a few friends. Hike, take beautiful photos of the view, and get inspired by nature.

Obviously, the summer mini celly possibilities are endless, and these are just a select few that we pulled from our summer bucket list. If you have more, don't be shy - leave a suggestion, or let us know how you've been cellying your summer!

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