Staying Cool, Staying Fresh

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It’s summer. It’s (friggin’) hot. It’s awesome. But just a little dehydrating. So… how do we stay hydrated, while lookin’ fab and feeling good (and NOT bloated!)? Excellent question. Happy to say that we’ve got an answer.

If you know anything about us, you know that we’re avid tea drinkers at Parcelly!

One of our faves = David’s Tea Lime Gelato Green tea. Chilled. With lots of ice.
Add honey. Add more lime. In a fancy pitcher. Done. Beauty. Drink up. Make more. Repeat.

To be compleeeetely honest, any green tea will do and there is an infinite amount of delicious possibilities here. So pick one you like, add honey (the best natural sweetener!) ice, some lemons and some limes to taste, and you have the perfect hydrating, refreshing, and absolutely TEA-licious drink to get you through the hot summer days!

Try it out. Sip it on a patio. Tell us your thoughts. Most importantly, enjoy the tea celly!

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  • Dasha Shakov

    Hi Claire!
    We’re so happy to know you’re looking forward to our launch in October! Trust us. we’re itching to get these cuties out as soon as possible. You’ll be able to order a Spoil Yourself Silly on October 1st! Can’t wait to send a celly to your mailbox! xx

  • Claire O'hardy

    Do you know the exact date on which the parcels will be available for purchase?
    I’m reeeeally looking forward to ordering a “spoil yourself silly” parcel!
    Good luck with your company!

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