Books and Podcasts You'll Absolutely Love if You're A Die-Hard Bachelor(ette) Fan


Happy Monday everyone!

As some of you might know, every Monday I (religiously) tune in to watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or (on the best days) Bachelor in Paradise.

While I must admit that I have mixed feelings about the idea of finding true love on reality television — and it does seem like most of the show’s contestants use the exposure as a chance to grow their social media following to promote products — I personally love the routine of getting together with my lady friends (or my boyfriend — yes, I somehow convinced him to love the show with me. Impressed? Me too!) my favourite snacks, a glass of wine, and a blanket. There’s something oddly addicting about watching a group of guys or gals vying for the affection of a (let’s be honest!) pretty average human being. In short, Bachelor Mondays make Mondays a little less "blah".

I need to mention the fact that this show is an epic conversation starter! If you’ve never had the chance to bond with a complete stranger over reality TV, you’re missing out. Also, hear me out on this one, this show can actually inspire creativity. Say what?! Producers go out of their way to keep us entertained, season after season. To avoid repetition, the show goes the extra mile to throw in some creative dates! To all the boys out there reading this — take notes. I certainly have. I've discovered so many cool museums and spots around the world that I'd like to visit from the show. For example, The Museum of Broken Relationships in LA, the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, and Pig Beach in the Bahamas, just to name a few!

When I like something a lot, I need to know everything about it. For instance, why don’t the contestants eat on their dates? How is the Bachelor Mansion driveway so fricken' shiny when the limos pull up on night one? Give me ALL👏THE👏INSIDE👏SCOOP!

Since discovering the show, I’ve read a bunch of books written by past contestants and found a couple of podcasts that discuss being on the show, the way it's produced, what happens when you enter the real world after filming, and much more. I thought that Bachelorette Monday would be a perfect time to share my "resources" for those of you out there with a similar passion for hearing Chris Harrison announce the final rose and a genuine appreciation for a world where "Social Media Participant" is an actual job title. Here we go! 


1. I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain”

This book was one of the first books I read after I discovered the show. Written by a “Villain” from a past season, Courtney Robertson. Let me tell you, she really dishes out some dirty secrets! I really enjoyed this quick, easy, and (most importantly) juicy read. After reading this one, you feel like a true insider of the Bachelor world. You’ll also pay closer attention to the way producers are able to spin the show to make you love certain contestants and love to hate others.

2. "It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After"

This memoir was written by Andi Dorfman, who was The Bachelorette and ended up engaged to Josh, the "winner" of her season. This book talks about the challenges she faced after the show and what happens when you find out that the person you met, fell in love with, and got engaged to (all in the span of a few months) isn’t who you thought they were.

Love Andi? She also has a second book out called "Single State of Mind".

3. "For the Right Reasons"

Not going to lie, I skimmed through this one since I didn’t find it as captivating as the others. I didn’t watch either of the seasons Sean was on, so I didn’t feel as attached to him and frankly wasn’t as interested in what he had to say. His post-show relationship is one of the strongest though (he and his wife have a Bachelor baby) so it’s worth a read if you watched their love story unfold on TV.

4. "Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure"

I've purchased, but have yet to read this one! The title says it all. The book’s author is a reporter for LA Times and has unveiled the darker side of the franchise. She was actually one of the first to report the production halt of Bachelor in Paradise last year after allegations of a sexual assault on set took place while filming. I've been curious to read about the show from the perspective of a non-contestant and excited to dive into this one.


  1. Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn is BY FAR my favourite Bachelorette. She’s funny, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has an entrepreneurial spirit that goes beyond promoting tacky products on Instagram. She recently launched her own scrunchie line, is working releasing her own brand of wines, and runs a podcast that I love tuning into while designing products for Parcelly. Like our newest Happy New Home gift parcel, for example. She frequently has guests on her show who are from the Bachelor Nation and, of course, her fiance, Shawn. 

  1. Almost Famous Podcast by Ashley I and Ben Higgins

I've listened to this one a few times at the gym and it's a fun listen if you're a fan of Ashley I and/or Ben Higgins. I consider myself a loyal Kaitlyn listener so I rarely opt for this one but to each their own!

I hope you're able to enjoy these insider nuggets as much as I do. If you end up reading a book or listening to a podcast episode, let me know in the comments below how you liked it!

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