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Calling all freebie lovers!

You might have noticed that we recently launched a brand, spankin' new gift parcel: Spectacular Valentine. Emphasis on spec. 'Cause we're punny like that. 

For the longest time ever, I've been obsessed with heart shaped glasses. Do I wish I could pull them off? Totally. Can I? Absolutely not. Do I do it anyway? You bet. 

Back in 2017, when our team was brainstorming ideas for a limited time Valentine's Day gift parcel, someone mentioned heart-shaped glasses and I knew we needed them on a tote. Because if you're like me and you can't rock the glasses, you can certainly rock the bag.

But, I guess the tote bag design wasn't enough for me. Once the design was made and the tote bags were at my disposal, I realized that my heart-shaped specs itch wasn't entirely satisfied. I am one of those people who needs to fully immerse themselves into a holiday. Christmas? I'll rock a Santa hat, throw a party, and decorate all the things. Right down to the last detail. Which, for me, is usually my phone. Aha! Enter phone backgrounds.

I am pleased to share that Parcelly has created some fun, colourful phone backgrounds for you to download (for free!). Whether you're in a heart eye emoji or a "boy, bye!" mood, there's a phone background for you. To sum things up, I am now full of glee from the second I wake up and grab my phone to see a pair of heart-shaped glasses staring back at me. Viva fun phone backgrounds!

Grab 'em here:

Love Shades Background

1. Love Shades Pattern Background

Love Shades Background Single Pair

2. Pair of Love Shades Background

Boy Bye Background

3. "Boy, Bye!" Background

Fries Over Guys Background

4. Fries Over Guys Background 


Fairly simple. Hit the link, save the photo to your phone, select it as your background.


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