New Jobs and Why Failing to Celebrate Them Should Be Illegal

Jobs. They’re an inevitable part of our busy-bee lives. They put food on our tables. They make us break a sweat (and double up on deodorant!). They introduce us to people who we later invite to our weddings and consider our friends for life. They also introduce us to people who make us want to poke our eyeballs out (am I right or am I right?!).

Like it or not, when we’re born, we’re born into a working world. We get enrolled into kindergarten sporting a fresh bowl cut to learn the alphabet and how to count to 10. Complex stuff! We chase a bus that takes us to elementary school where we learn basic arithmetic, absolutely destroy Derek The Bully in the annual Spelling Bee, and have our first kiss behind the old oak tree on the playground (this didn’t actually happen to me but I kinda wish it did!).

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We drag ourselves to high school, hoping that our crush Timmy doesn’t notice the aggressively red pimple we’re rocking on our forehead. There, we develop analytical skills, solve mathematic equations our teachers PROMISE we’ll need later on in life, and build character. We take a business elective or struggle through biology where the highlight of our academic career consists of dissecting a baby pig.

All this to say, from the moment you learn to walk and talk, you are put onto a conveyor belt where you go from one academic institution to the next, hoping to become a future CEO or land a spot on “30 Before 30”. 

Do you remember your first job? How amazing it felt to have a crisp $20 bill in your sparkly, Claire’s wallet that you earned all by your very awesome yourself! I sure do. I made it working at a dry cleaners’ and probably spent it on a greasy burger at a mall food court. Oh, teenage metabolism, how I miss you. IT FELT GREAT. 

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What didn’t feel so great was getting to university and feeling like I had a lot more to offer the world. I was working a cashier job. My favourite pastime was memorizing fruit PLU codes. Bananas? 4011. I’ll never forget it.

One day, my grocery store job got old. Like, really old. Like, if I don’t get a new job tomorrow I will be miserable for the rest of eternity old. So I wrote, what I thought at the time was a breathtaking resume, and sent it off to any online job vacancy that would let me sit in front of a computer instead of standing in front of a cash till. 

Lo and behold, I landed a job as an administrative assistant! Boy, did it feel fabulous! I wanted to dazzle the world with confetti, buy coffee for the person behind me in line, and scream about my new job from the rooftops. Not only was I making $4 more (!!!) than minimum wage, I could go to work in peace knowing that I wouldn’t get yelled for bagging someone’s cheese with their broccoli (true story!).

A few months ago, we were brainstorming new gift ideas at Parcelly HQ. Our mission, after all, is to provide a themed parcel for all occasions. We had everyone in the office think back to the moments in their lives when they would have really appreciated a gift parcel the most. Surprise, surprise! A lot of us mentioned a congratulatory gift for landing a dream job or a promotion.

Here it is in all its glory. A new job gift box. I hope you love it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life. Our vision is that each and every Recipient of the “Fancy New Job” Parcelly treats it like a major pat on the back. Or, at the very least, a step up from a sheet of sparkly gold stars.

New Job Gift Box | Promotion Gift Box | Fancy New Job Parcelly

Promise me something, will you? Next time your friend, cousin, aunt – whoever – lands a job that they’re passionate about or moves up the corporate ladder – send them a text, call to congratulate them, or heck, send them the Fancy New Job Parcelly straight to their doorstep.

As for me, I’m working my best job. I got to design this parcel and share this story with you. On top of that, I get to spread happiness to mailboxes across North America. Daily. There's no PLU code for this joy!

What was your first job and where are you working now?! We want to hear how far you've come and celebrate your success with you. Virtual high fives all around!

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