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This blog post will touch upon a topic I never thought I'd be writing about on Parcelly's platform - self care. Parcelly's brand is bright, colourful, and fun. We celebrate life's beautiful moments. Our medium is happy mail. With each gift parcel or mug we send, we aim to elicit smiles, giggles, and only the best moods. 

But life isn't always sunshines and rainbows. In fact, one of our best selling gift parcels, from the very day we launched, has been the "Cheer Up, Buttercup" gift parcel.

Today, more than ever, it's important that we take the time to get in tune with ourselves and our feelings. From the moment when we wake up and until we go to bed, we consume other people's content. Whether it's on Instagram or Facebook, we are constantly made aware of what others are doing, eating, wearing, and experiencing. We scroll, compare, rinse, repeat. Trust me when I say that I have love/hate relationship with social media. Running a business would totally suck without it! It's a chance for us, as a brand, to interact with our valued customers. It's a chance to show you our products, make announcements, and show you what we're working on. On the other hand, I am guilty of comparing myself to strangers on the internet. Am I doing enough? Am I accomplishing enough? Am I enough?

Have you ever had a bad day and scrolled through Instagram to see a bunch of photos of people laughing, having the best time ever - and felt even worse? Me too. For the amount of staged laughing photos I've been a part of, I still believe most of what I see on social media.

Last year, I was finishing my last year of university and was kind of in a funk. To cope with my stresses and anxieties, I took an old notebook and started writing down one thing a day that made me happy. Naturally, I called it "The Happy Project", because I'm cheesier than Quattro Formaggio pizza. Even on the most stressful days, I tried to find at least one thing to jot down before bed. For instance, eating something tasty. If my taste buds could be happy that day, surely so could I!

I'm out of university now, working full-time on Parcelly, and no longer writing in my journal. However, I still make it a habit to think of a highlight of the day before going to bed. That being said, this entire experience made me want to launch a product that would allow others to do the same. The Happy Jar. A jar to collect your daily happy thoughts. I hope that The Happy Jar will do for others what my journal did for me - serve as a reminder of the many amazing things happening to us and around us. Sure, I might not be tanned beach goddess modelling bikinis in Bali for a living, but boy do I get happy when we see a fluffy puppy crossing the street.

It's the little things, people!

Happy Notes

You can check out The Happy Jar here. And I'd love for you to share your thoughts and experiences with social media in the comments below!

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