Love Stinks


$43.42 CAD

Let's be real, you never liked him anyway! She deserves someone just as fab as she is.
Time to start fresh with a Parcelly suited for the ultimate post-break-up rejuvenation. This Parcelly is best paired with a bottle of wine, some old T-Swift tunes, and a positive #GirlBoss attitude.


 “Fries Over Guys” Tote Bag 
 Scented "Loser Repellent" Floral Water Body Mist
 Scented "Stop Kissing Frogs" Soap
 Sprinkled "Sweet 'N Salty" Pretzels

To make things even better, we include a card stating the reason the celebration was sent and we sign it with the recipient's name and your name for an extra personal touch!

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