You're Mugnificent | Happy Muggin'™ Collection


$23.75 CAD

This isn't your typical mug in a box. This, my friend, is an experience.

Send a Happy Muggin'™ to someone who needs a smile, someone who's dear to your heart, someone who needs a friendly reminder that they're killing it, etc. Heck, send one to yourself to put a smile on your own beautiful face every time you take a sip of your favourite drink!

Inside the mug, you'll find a drawstring bag of Random Compliments, curated by you

You can pick any THREE from the following list. That's 120 different Random Compliment combinations!

(1) Colors are brighter when you're around
(2) You deserve a whole sheet of gold stars
(3) Life is tough but so are you
(4) You're absolutely killing it
(5) Your smile is proof that the best things in life are free
(6) You're better than unicorns because you're actually real
(7) Time spent with you is like a mini vacation
(8) You're limited edition
(9) You're more fun than bubblewrap
(10) You're a cupcake in a world of muffins

Want to include a Gift Message? Go right ahead!
Pssst... don't forget to check out the cute message on the box that the mug arrives in! ☺

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