Campus Girl-Boss Program


Do you love being in-the-know? Do your friends come to you for shopping advice and commend you on your witty Instagram captions? Are you passionate about spreading joy and love receiving an old-school postcard once in a while? Congratulations, you are perfect.
Become an Official Parcelly Campus Representative or, as we call them, a Campus Girl-Boss! Work with us to spread the word about Parcelly and cover the Canadian stomping grounds with all the glitter and confetti there is. Spread the word about us to your friends, receive freebies and promo codes, and join an exclusive community of girl bosses passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, and F-U-N!


Once you become a Campus Girl-Boss:

1) We send you a Celebratory Welcome Kit (confetti included, duh!) with fun things for you to keep and hand out to your friends.
2) We invite you into an exclusive online community of Parcelly Girl-Bosses where you will meet fun people, share your ideas, and make a big impact on Parcelly’s brand.
3) We provide you with promotional swag to hand out at parties, events, and gatherings.
4) We provide you with a unique 20% off promo code that you can share with your friends, family, Instagram followers, and whoever else you deem worthy of a celebration!
5) We email you about exclusive offers, new items, internship opportunities, etc.!


  • KICKSTART YOUR CAREER: This is the perfect way to gain experience. Many of our Brand Ambassadors have landed amazing internships and dream jobs thanks to their experience growing a real-life brand and making a difference at Parcelly.
  • COMPLETE FUN TASKS: Parcelly Girl-Boss responsibilities are unique, exciting, and fun. They often include creating pictures or videos, providing feedback, and experimenting with new ways to market to people just like you!
  • GET REWARDED: Get free products, discounts, rewards, and more!


Tell us a bit about yourself, what you do for fun, your hobbies, aspirations, anything! We want to know YOU. Don't forget to provide your Instagram handle so we can see you in action!

We are currently hiring for the 2019 Academic Year.