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Step by Step

1) Check out our ever-growing collection of Parcellys and pick the one that best fits your special occasion.

2) Add your Parcelly to your Shopping Cart.

3) Specify the Sender's name. We'll hand write the sender's name on the card for an extra personalized touch.

4) Fill out the Recipient's Shipping info so we know where to ship the Parcelly.

    Give me more deets!

    A Parcelly (parcel+celly) is a perfectly unique, personalized gift parcel with a celebration inside. 

    Its Yo BirthdayEach Parcelly contains five hand-picked items centered around the theme of your celly, as well as a personalized card letting the recipient know what you're celebrating and why the Parcelly has been sent. To top things off - we sign the card with your name for an extra personalized touch. Amazing, right? 

    To facilitate shipping we ask that you purchase each Parcelly separately. If you're ordering a few, click "Save this information for a faster checkout time" on the Checkout page.



    Still not sure how it works? Check out our FAQ Page.