Merry Everything Mini


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Fa-la-la-la-la! 'Tis the season to consume questionable amounts of hot chocolate, get toasty by the fireplace, and GIVE. While all 3 are equally important we want to make sure that you, your friends and your family are extra merry this holiday season. The Merry Everything Parcelly is the perfect gift to send to spread the holiday cheer!

The Merry Everything Parcelly Includes:

♥ High End Dainty Silver Necklace
♥ "I Love My Selfie" Holiday Red Nail Polish by Trust Fund Beauty
♥ Gourmet Chocolate Cinnamon Mints
♥ Peppermint Shower Bomb
♥ Gourmet Hot Chocolate

We also include a card stating the reason the Parcelly was sent and we sign it with your name for an extra personalized touch!

You also have the option to include a "Do Not Open Until Christmas" label if you're sending this as a gift.

Please note: To ensure that your Parcelly arrives in time for Christmas, please place your order by December 5th.