Best Mom Ever | Happy Muggin'™ Collection


$23.25 CAD

This isn't your typical mug in a box. This, my friend, is an experience.

Send a Happy Muggin'™ to a mom who needs a smile, who's dear to your heart, who needs a friendly reminder that she's killing it, etc. Heck, send one to yourself to put a smile on your own beautiful face every time you take a sip of your favourite drink!

Inside the mug, you'll find either:

(1) Our handmade gold sprinkled, chocolate covered pretzels - a tasty treat!
(2) Our handmade bath bomb - a relaxing treat!
(3) Both!

Want to include a Gift Message? Go right ahead!

Pssst... don't forget to check out the cute message on the box that the mug arrives in! ☺

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