Fancy New Job


$42.42 CAD

The job market is pretty intense and landing a dream job should definitely be celebrated! This practical gift parcel screams "Congratulations, I'm proud of you!".


♥ "Hands to Shake, Fortunes to Make" Tote Bag 
A tote bag that's as practical as it is motivational. Wear it with confidence anywhere!

♥ "First I Drink the Coffee, Then I Do The Things" Coaster
This coaster looks adorable on any desk. A great conversation starter, and a practical item to have in the office. 

♥ "Bright Ideas" Sticky Notes
Sticky notes are an office must, especially when they're this cute.

♥ "Hustle Fuel" Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Made in-house at Parcelly HQ.
The sweetest way to say "Congrats on the new job!". A tasty snack for an afternoon energy boost!

To make things even better, we include a "Fancy New Job" card stating the reason the celebration was sent and we sign it with your name for an extra personal touch!