Thanks a Bunch


$43.42 CAD

Some people deserve much more than a regular "thank you!". This Parcelly is the perfect gift for the special someone who went above and beyond. Whether it's for your bestie who spent all weekend moving your couch or your bridesmaids who made your wedding a dream come true, this combination of cuteness and practicality screams "Thanks a Bunch!" and it's the perfect way to show your appreciation and gratefulness. 


♥ “Thanks a Million” Tote Bag
♥ (Straw!)Berry Thankful Scented Candle
♥ Five Mini Soap Smooches
♥ "You're #1 in my Book" Bookmark
♥ Thanks a Bunch (of Treats) - Chocolate Covered Pretzels

To make things even better, we include a card stating the reason the celebration was sent and we sign it with the recipient's name and your name for an extra personalized touch!