Free October Printable Calendar

Enter your name & email to download the FREE printable!  Subscribe Something I do to stay organized is print out a monthly calendar each month and write in all of my appointments, plans, etc. I then hang it on my fridge so that I can see it daily. Somehow, this old-school way of staying organized has been the only one that's stuck with me. I've tried everything - phone alerts, Google Calendar, expensive aesthetically pleasing planners, yet somehow, this has been the only method that's stuck. I've never been able to find a printable calendar that has the following: A...

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New Jobs and Why Failing to Celebrate Them Should Be Illegal

Jobs. They’re an inevitable part of our busy-bee lives. They put food on our tables. They make us break a sweat (and double up on deodorant!). They introduce us to people who we later invite to our weddings and consider our friends for life. They also introduce us to people who make us want to poke our eyeballs out (am I right or am I right?!). Like it or not, when we’re born, we’re born into a working world. We get enrolled into kindergarten sporting a fresh bowl cut to learn the alphabet and how to count to 10. Complex stuff!...

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We're back and ready to help you CRUSH your gift game!

You maaaay or may not have noticed that our store was on a small hiatus in August. We hope you noticed. We hope you missed us as much as we missed you. To those who sent us emails wondering where we were and when exactly we'll be back - BONGIORNO. That's hello in Italian. That was our somewhat cheesy attempt at a smooth segway into the topic of this blog post. ITALY.Yes, friends, we spent our last few weeks of August in the most magical, sunny, place and the whole time we couldn't wait to share it with you! If you're...

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Books and Podcasts You'll Absolutely Love if You're A Die-Hard Bachelor(ette) Fan


Happy Monday everyone! As some of you might know, every Monday I (religiously) tune in to watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or (on the best days) Bachelor in Paradise. While I must admit that I have mixed feelings about the idea of finding true love on reality television — and it does seem like most of the show’s contestants use the exposure as a chance to grow their social media following to promote products — I personally love the routine of getting together with my lady friends (or my boyfriend — yes, I somehow convinced him to love the show...

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Self love, baby!

The Happy Jar

This blog post will touch upon a topic I never thought I'd be writing about on Parcelly's platform - self care. Parcelly's brand is bright, colourful, and fun. We celebrate life's beautiful moments. Our medium is happy mail. With each gift parcel or mug we send, we aim to elicit smiles, giggles, and only the best moods.  But life isn't always sunshines and rainbows. In fact, one of our best selling gift parcels, from the very day we launched, has been the "Cheer Up, Buttercup" gift parcel. Today, more than ever, it's important that we take the time to get in tune...

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